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Crack OG

Dark Labs Crack OG – 40 servingsDark Labs Crack NEWNEW Formu... Zobraziť viac
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Category: Preworkouts
Package: 40 ser
Taste: dark berry, tropical punch
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Dark Labs Crack OG – 40 servingsDark Labs Crack NEW
NEW Formula of a legendary pre-workout Crack!

Introducing the revolutionary dietary supplement Crack OG by Dark Labs, now featuring an advanced, cutting-edge formula designed to push your workouts and performance to unprecedented levels. With 40 servings per container, each meticulously crafted serving is a powerhouse blend of carefully selected ingredients, meticulously dosed to provide an unparalleled boost to your fitness regimen and overall well-being.

Dark Labs Crack OG Contains 40 servings
Serving Size is 1 scoop
1 Scoops contains:

Key ingredients in 1 Scoop of Dark Labs Crack OG:

L Citrulline (4000 mg): Boosts nitric oxide production, enhancing blood flow for improved muscle pumps, endurance, and recovery, promoting optimal workout performance and muscle growth.

Beta Alanine (1600 mg): Increases muscle carnosine levels, delaying muscle fatigue, allowing for prolonged high-intensity workouts and improved overall exercise performance.

Agmatine (750 mg): Supports nutrient transport, aiding in muscle recovery and performance enhancement, contributing to better overall workout results and muscle development.

Arginine HCL (500 mg): Facilitates protein synthesis, promoting muscle growth and enhancing exercise performance, leading to improved strength and endurance during workouts.

Caffeine (200 mg): Ignites energy levels, boosts alertness, and improves focus, providing a sustained and powerful energy boost during workout sessions.

Eria Jarensis (200 mg): Elevates mood, heightens focus, and enhances cognitive function, contributing to an improved mental state and increased motivation during intense physical activities.

2-Aminoisoheptane (150 mg): Increases energy levels, enhances focus, and promotes improved endurance, allowing for prolonged and intense workouts with heightened mental clarity and concentration.

L-Norvaline (125 mg): Supports nitric oxide production, enhancing blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles, contributing to improved muscle pumps and better overall workout performance.

Caffeine Citrate (50% Caffeine) (75 mg): Provides a rapid energy surge and heightened mental alertness, boosting performance and focus during workouts, resulting in improved exercise output and endurance.

Dicaffeine Malate (75% Caffeine) (50 mg): Sustains energy levels and mental focus, prolonging the effects of caffeine for prolonged workout duration and heightened concentration during intense training.

Halostachine (35 mg): Stimulates metabolism, aids in fat burning, and increases energy expenditure, promoting improved calorie utilization and aiding in weight management.

Noopept (15 mg): Enhances cognitive function, sharpens focus, and improves mental clarity, contributing to improved concentration and better cognitive performance during challenging workout sessions.

Alpha Yo (0.75 mg): Supports adrenaline production, heightening energy levels and promoting increased alertness, contributing to enhanced focus and endurance during demanding physical activities.

Advantages of the Crack OG:
Tons of energy – Experience a significant boost in physical energy levels for intense workouts.
Mood elevation – Elevate your mood to feel motivated and driven during exercise.
Highness feeling – Achieve a heightened sense of stimulation and performance during training.
Laser sharp focus – Attain an unparalleled level of concentration and mental acuity.
Great pump – Enjoy enhanced muscle pumps for improved performance and muscle development.

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