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Discounts and discount coupons

How do I apply discounts and discount coupons?
1. If a new registered user (first purchase): If he buys from 42 GBP (50 EUR) - 125 GBP (150 EUR) , he has a 5% discount If he buys EUR 125 GBP (150,1 EUR) and more, he has a 7% discount
2. If the user is a registered user and has already purchased: if he bought goods for 125 GBP (150,1 EUR) euros and more in the last 60 days, he has a 5% discount,

Point 1 shall not apply:. If a customer is registered and has applied discounts on products or manufacturers, he sees these products at a discount. In addition, it may also have a discount under point 2, but only for those products that are not discounted.4. If a discount code is entered, the discount code is applied - if the product is discounted according to points 1 - 3, the discount 1 - 3 is ignored and the discount is applied only according to the discount coupon or on sale!