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Red Speed Powder

Do you have too little energy? Red Speed Powder by Real Phar... Zobraziť viac
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Do you have too little energy? Red Speed Powder by Real Pharm is your natural ally in the fight against fatigue and lack of strength and concentration during each workout!

Red Speed ​​by Real Pharm is back in a new, improved version. So far available in tablets, from now also in the form of easily soluble powder, which will be an energy bomb in your morning shake.

Chronic fatigue, lack of concentration of attention and insufficient energy are some of the more common complaints that accompany physically active people. Tiredness and overwork as well as mental fatigue take life forces and make achieving next goals impossible. Based on knowledge and experience, the Real Pharm brand has developed a unique formula of natural ingredients that will allow you to forget about the symptoms associated with fatigue! Red Speed ​​will provide you with additional strength to operate in any situation, reducing the symptoms of fatigue, improving memory and concentration, and general well-being that affects the quality of your life!

Active ingredients of Red Speed ​​include guarana extract, caffeine, glucuronolactone and inositol will quickly improve your fitness and provide the necessary energy for action! The supplement perfectly meets the needs of people who train intensively, including professional athletes and people exposed to prolonged physical and mental effort, as well as anyone seeking a safe way to increase their performance in everyday life.


Another novelty is the addition of ginseng - an herb that has been used in Far Eastern medicine for thousands of years. Nowadays, its medical effect is proven - it affects potency and memory and strengthens the heart. Among the many active substances that can be found in ginseng root, the most important are ginsenosides. They increase the ability of hemoglobin to attach oxygen, and thus serve to better supply organs with oxygen. The result is an increase in the amount of energy and the body's ability to exercise both physically and mentally. In addition, in athletes who regularly took ginseng, lactic acid was twice as low.

In addition, inosine appears in the new composition of Red Speed ​​- an active substance with antiviral and immunostimulatory activity, which naturally occurs in fish meat - and isomaltulose, found in honey and sugar cane juice and white beet.


  • Maximum level of focus on the activities performed;

  • You will improve memory and concentration during work;

  • You will increase the effectiveness of each workout;

  • You will forget about the lack of vital energy who is motivated;

Check and see for yourself that another cup of coffee will not give you this effect, like a portion of Red Speed! Thanks to our preparation, you will immediately overcome fatigue and achieve every goal not only during training!

Red Speed ​​is a unique combination of only natural compounds with high efficiency in doses tailored to your needs! Bet on natural power and enjoy energy every day without worrying about possible side effects of supplementation!


The product is a carefully constructed formula based on guarana, caffeine, inositol and glucuronolactone seed extracts. Its main task is to provide an adequate level of energy in the body, which makes it great when used by athletes as well as people working physically or mentally. Caffeine contained in the product has a positive effect on reducing fatigue during tasks, and thus ensures an increase in strength, attention and alertness.

Guarana extract in addition to the tasks described above, can control the level of body weight, through fat metabolism, protecting the body against the negative effects of stress and adverse effects of the external environment. Guarana seeds are the richest plant material in terms of caffeine content, which has a direct impact on the transmission of stimuli in the human nervous system.

Thanks to this composition, Red Speed ​​from Real Pharm will provide you with an instant energy supply and help reduce fatigue and improve overall concentration. The product does not cause side effects on the kidneys and the body's mineral balance, thanks to which it gains even more value.

Contains caffeine; not recommended for children and pregnant women.


  • reducing the degree of feeling of effort during exercise,
  • increase in endurance,
  • increasing attention and vigilance.


  • weight control and fat metabolism,
  • protects against the effects of stress and harmful environmental influences, increased vigilance
Active Ingredients2 scoops (16 g)

Paullinia cupana guarana seed extract standardized for 22% caffeine

300 mg
caffeine134 mg
inositol100 mg


100 mg
inosine250 mg

Ginseng rhizome extract standardized to 0.8% E + B eleuterosides

50 mg
isomaltulose12000 mg

Red Speed ​​Real Pharm is a dietary supplement designed for use during fatigue and deterioration of attention. The natural extracts contained in the preparation guarantee a fast flow of vitality and effectively reduce fatigue in the case of people who train intensively, as well as those who work physically and do mental work.

Usage: consume 2 scoops (16 g) once a day. Do not exceed a maximum of 16 g for daily consumption.

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